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Why Choose US?

As the old saying goes, there is no substitute for experience. Unlike most Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC's), the owner of Medical Legal Consulting Services, Wayne Phillips, RN, has earned a Certificate in Litigation from The UCLA School of Law, and has worked as an In-House Medical Consultant for major law firms, which gives him a much better understanding of the legal aspects of cases than many LNC's have, in addition to the medical aspects.

Medical Legal Consulting Services is a valuable ally for lawyers, insurance companies, hospitals, and other companies that deal with medical-legal issues.

Mr. Phillips has a medical background that includes an extensive amount of clinical experience and medical education, as well as In-House Law Firm Consultant experience, and he is able to interpret highly complex healthcare documentation, and give expert advice on medical-legal issues.

In addition to his formal education, Mr. Phillips has worked in the medical field, major law firms, and the healthcare insurance industry at the highest levels for a number of years, building a storehouse of knowledge about the healthcare industry, and issues relating to the healthcare industry in a legal context.

Mr. Phillips can use this information to identify strengths and weaknesses in cases or claims, assist with strategy, and explain complex medical concepts so that any attorney can understand them.

A Certificate in Litigation from The UCLA School of Law, extensive clinical experience and medical education, and In-House Law Firm Consultant experience in major law firms is what will give you the results that you need.

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